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Rose nodded a bit. Last she saw, he was with Donna. Donna was wonderful for him, she was the friend the man needed desperately. He did only choose the best to be his companions, after all. Her eyes bounced up to look at Katerina’s. “What did you have in mind?” She asked curiously.

Katerina grinned, grabbing the girls hand. “Oh nothing much. Just maybe… A little adventure, if you’re up for it.” She ran off, pulling Rose along with her. The breeze nipped at her hair as she rounded a corner and let go of the hand she was holding, darting into an alleyway, a small glint of red visible as a light bathed the ground in color. “Come along, Rose!”

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    Katerina nodded and smiled at Rose as she spoke. "I figured you did. Your eyes sparkled when I talked about him."
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    Rose listened silently as Katerina talked about their past together. She was really enjoying learning more about the oh...